Grand Koi devotes our considerable resources to bring you the best koi available in the world. From our location, our team selects, imports, acclimates, and grows the finest koi we can get our hands on, no matter what it takes. Spending the summer season with our breeder friends in the birthplace of koi in Niigata, Japan allows us to have the first pick of the highest quality koi from the fall harvest, allowing you to own the champion fish you have always dreamed of. We can ship koi to anywhere in India from our location near Hyderabad, Telangana. At Grand Koi our passion for the fish is evident in everything we do, we hope that you will allow us to introduce you to the kind of quality fish and service that our uncompromising standards can provide.

Grand Koi is the India's largest stocker of imported Koi
from Japan's most renowned breeders.

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Gin Rin Sanke


Maruten Showa

Tancho Showa
23 inches

Use a Sock Net when handling your Koi to reduce the possibility of accidental falls or damage.

We sell a variety of different Nets and Sock Nets to make your hobby easier.

Made in Japan, quality you can trust.


Is the leader in manufacturing Koi nets for Koi professionals and hobbyists.
They make longer lasting koi nets with the highest quality of netting material and wood handle.

The Aquadyne AD30,000 - Plug and Play filtration system is without doubt the most superior of all bead filters in its class. Boasting worry free maintenance on ponds up to 30,000 gallons.

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COMING SOON: Take a tour of our world-class Koi Farm, stocking thousands of the highest quality Koi fish.

Learn more about the history of the Koi fish and why good genes are important when choosing Your fish.

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