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​​High Quality Japanese Koi's

From selling Koi’s amateur hobbyists to experienced pro’s to designing ponds to Koi care, we cater to all koi enthusiasts throughout India. Welcome to GrandKoi India. We hold one of the largest collections of imported Koi carp in India.

We are one of the largest Japanese Koi inventory holders in India.

We import the koi carp from the Japanese homeland of Koi – Nigata, Japan. All our koi’s are handpicked from the best breeders of the world. We are one of the leading importers of KOI’s from Japan. We Quarantine all the imported koi’s as per the guidelines of 4 weeks.

Our long relationships with the koi breeders helps us to main the high standards in the industry. We have learned the language of Koi. We understand what it takes to maintain a koi or a koi’s filled in a pond.

GrandKoi India

Preferred Stockers for india Koi Enthusiasts

Grand Koi stands apart from the rest in many ways and is well known for its enduring quality of koi fish. We have been enthusiastic koi hobbyists for the past 2 decades and marked a robust protocol from the breeders. Your continuous support is our utmost priority. Offering you a wide variety, we aim to supply the healthiest and supreme koi fish in India. As we have an immense understanding of the koi, we assure you that we are a reliable resource for the suppliers of a Koi fish and its accessories.

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