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Things To Know Before Buying Koi Fish

Signifying the trio of aesthetic appeal, spiritual significance and cultural symbolism Koi fish have captured global interest as a pet ornamental fish.


Koi or Nishikigoi are the descendants of carp fish. Carp were found in Central Europe and East Asia, they were mainly domesticated in East Asia and used as a staple food source to survive in severe winter weather conditions. Dating back as far as 200 years to Niigata city in Japan, the farmers breeding carps for food found peculiar color mutations in the carps which were vibrant and started selectively breeding them producing varieties of Koi. Now these varieties have garnered interest world wide and are being kept in houses and large ponds in cities for their aesthetic appeal and also for their symbolism for luck, love, and prosperity. So if you plan to buy Koi fish here are some things to know.


The dynamic colors of the Koi earned them the title “The Living Jewels”. If you want to buy Koi fish it range from usually few dollars and can go as high as a million dollars. Its value depends on various factors like health, aesthetic appeal (colors), the value increases by its age, length, weight, and color patterns.


Koi can grow large and fast under suitable conditions, they can grow up to 8 inches in the first year and fully adult-sized koi can grow anywhere between 22 to 36 inches in length and they can weigh up to 26 pounds. Though initially small koi can be kept in an indoor aquarium, they need to be transferred into a tank or a pond given their size.

  • Ponds or tanks are preferable for growing domesticated Koi.
  • Growing Koi in an aquarium might stunt its growth, if the habitat is not spacious enough for the fish to mature into its full size, which happens around three years from its birth
  • Generally each Koi needs around 250 gallons of water, a female which is capable of spawning 500 gallons of water, hence it is preferable to place them in ponds with 1000 gallons and of water and 3 feet of depth for their optimal growth. Roughly a 6×8 foot pond will yield around 1077 gallons of water.
  • Overcrowding can cause stress and disease. Given their sizes these fish needs to be grown in an environment with ample amount of space and water, each fish needs to have adequate resources.