Filter Media


Constructed out of durable woven plastic, Matala sheets are ideal for mechanical filtration (dirt and debris removal) in Koi ponds. These mats are easily cleaned with a hose or the majority of the dirt can be dislodged by simply dropping or beating the mat on a hard surface. Available in a variety of "densities" for removing a variety of particel sizes. Low density mats have a course, more open, weave and are ideal for catching large debris, while high density mats have a fine weave, better for filtering out fine particles.


Momotaro Bacteria House media is man-made ceramic blend that is treated for over 60 hours at 2372° F / 1300° C. This extreme temperature breaks the internal bonds of the material, creating an incredibly porous structure with an extremely large surface area to house beneficial bacteria. Due to the media’s unique structure, it also acts as a mechanical filter and yet the collected organic matter is degraded at a much higher rate than normal, so water flow remains unimpeded.